5 Natural Foods for Hair Growth

Foods that promote hair growth

Hair growth consists of many different aspects. Today we're focusing on nutrition! Eating a balanced diet with the right nutrients can help promote hair growth. So here are five natural foods you can add to your diet to help your hair grow:

1. Berries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that may promote hair growth. 

2. Spinach is a great source of iron, which is essential for hair growth. Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body to feed your metabolism and aid growth and repair. 

3. Avocados are a great source of vitamin E, which may promote hair growth. 

4. Beans contain protein, iron, zinc and biotin, which are all essential for optimal hair health. 

5. Sweet peppers are an excellent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps promote collagen production, which can help strengthen your hair strands. 


Good nutrition management is necessary for hair growth. Make sure to add some of the natural foods mentioned above to your daily meals to continue to promote your healthy hair journey. 

P.S. Also, make sure your keeping up with your daily water intake as well and couple it with Donna's Recipe.  Have the most amazing day but even if you can't don't you dare go messing up nobody else's.   


  • Sonya D

    I am so excited about my hair growing. I had some thin areas and within a month i already see hair coming in. I am on my second growth oil donna you are a blessing thank you so much.

  • Cheryl Fulwiley

    Hi Tab
    I’m So so thankful for God putting in your spirit to make such an awesome hair oil…this is a product that softens my dry brittle hair the minute I apply it to my hair…and the growth is amazing…again thanks for being led by your spirit…love ya Cheryl

  • Patricia Crawford

    I love Donna’s Recipe it has truly been a blessing to me I had a bald spot in the middle of my head and it has grown back I’m grateful thanks Auntie Tab love you

  • Nickie Y

    Donna your awesome so encouraging. I love your hair growth products my dreads or growing and so healthy looking.. blessings to you always💕

  • Annetta Burns

    I am so blessed to have met you. Not in person per say,but on Tiktoc.My hair had been getting thinner and thinner.I even had some bald spots. But thanks to your product,things are changing. So excited to continue this journey.Thank you so much.You are a blessing to any and everyone that you reach out to you.

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