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Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Trianna Hatch (West Chicago, Illinois)

This is either my 5th or 6th order and it's money well spent!

Thank you for the creative video! Congrats on your hair growth!

God Sent- Postpartum Hair

After always have lots of hair I recently began to loose it do to postpartum hair after having my son. I cried after every wash because I would see my hair coming out by the handful. Then one day I heard God tell me to try Donnas Recipe. I didn’t hesitate. I ordered and within a week I began to see my edges grow back. Week after week I began to see growth and regain strength. I haven’t had any hair loss and my hair began to flourish. I’m so grateful. Thank you

Wow! Congrats on embarking on your healthy hair journey! We are happy that you chose Donna's Recipe. Thank you for leaving a review!


Donna’s Recipe Bundle Set is my favorite. I started using it in December of 2021, and it has changed my life. After being consistent with using the products, I started seeing results. The video displays results as of July 2022. If you’re experiencing hair loss, you should try Donna’s Recipe Bundle Set. In order to see results, you must be C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-T !

Thank you Cousin Donna for helping my hair grow healthier 💕.

Amazing! Thank you for your review with wonderful pictures and a video. We appreciate hearing from our customer's on their healthy hair journey! Thanks for sharing!

Donna's Recipe: 1 - Chemo Hair Loss - 0

Listen...I am SOLD!! I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of 35. I completed chemo May 2022. I started using Donna's Recipe July 2022...Watch the words for how. I am subscribing NOW! Thank you for your obedience to following God's plan for your life! This Sweet Home Alabama Gem thanks you endlessly!

Thank you so much for sharing your progress pictures and a video! We love you!


I am ecstatic about Donna's Recipe Bundle Set. I've always had finer hair and couldn't use a lot of products on my hair because it would weigh it down. I recently did a protective style and within 3 weeks I've experienced sooo much new growth. This is the first time after using so many hair growth products have I actually seen true results. Not only does it grow my hair but I can also use it on my kids hair and the smell omg AMAZING & makes me feel relaxed. I am a forever customer. Thank you so much Tab for creating such an amazing product!

We are so happy that our products are working for you and your family. Thank you for making a video and sharing your experience. We appreciate you Amber!

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Kathalene Taylor-White (Memphis, Tennessee)
So excited

I was so excited to get my Donna’s Recipe in the mail. I love the smell. My hair feel great and my scalp is in heaven. Can’t wait to use my second bottle and see my hair results afterwards.

Thank you for purchasing from us. We can't wait to see your progress pictures!


UPDATED REVIEW on Donna's Recipe 🤎💫
It's only been over 30 days or so and my hair grew a half inch. Oh That's wild 😜! I followed the instructions to a tee by taking the biotin gummies and massaging my scalp with the strength oil every day! I'm so excited, I'm about to GET ME A DONNA! TAG A Friend and tell them I said Tabitha Brown's Recipe has been Officially Stamped By A.i. YouTube video placeholder

Love to hear the results! Thank you for taking time to review and share your experience, Aisha.

Feels thicker!!

I love the smell of the oil! My hair feels so soft. My scalp feels tingly! I love it. I plan on ordering again but will add the gummies too. Definitely a repeat customer. Thank you so much!!!!

Fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to share with a video! Love you!

Healthy Hair Journey

Hey Ya’ll! I am so glad I added Donna’s recipe to my Healthy hair journey. My Journey:

2020-My hair was falling out in long strands when detangling
Jan 2021-Started using Donna’s recipe and my hair grew thicker in couple of weeks
September 2021-cut my hair to natural curl pattern (was transitioning natural for years;mostly wearing my hair straight)
February 2022-cut my hair again
Today-my hair is growing back beautifully and strong
Every stylist who works in my hair compliments how it is strong and healthy.

I say Donna’s recipe oil and gummies is my not so secret growth ingredients in my hair journey. “Nina “ (my fro) ode to Nina Simone is flourishing!

Here is a video and pics showing progress. I posted w/music on IG too!

Many continued blessings to you all💕✨

Thank you for sharing your experience, pictures, AND VIDEO! Looking great!

Donna's Recipe Set- (Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamins & Strength Hair Oil)
Chasity G. —Denver, NC (Denver, North Carolina)
Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

So, my daughter and I are on our second bottle! I also ordered it for my mom and sister. My hair has grown so much and so fast, I had to get a touch up on my twist at two weeks. My nails are growing like a weed too! My hair stylist and nail tech are all amazed at how much my hair and nails have been growing! We love Donna’s recipe and it will definitely be a staple In our home! We love Tab, and we love Tab Time, Tab’s book & recipes & trying to locate the seasonings! We ❤️ All things Tab! Keep being amazing Tab! ❤️🙏🏽

So precious! Donna is smiling and happy to hear these results. Appreciate you!!

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Susan L Triggs (Henrico, Virginia)
Love it! Love it!

I'm an almost 73 year old that colors my hair. My hair has thickened and grown in length, so it's hard to keep up with the coloring. I have been so hesitant to take a picture or video, but here goes.

Thank you for sharing your experience and video! Looking great!

Yolanda's recipe

I love everything about it! I've been natural for thee years and using this product for one. It's keeping my scalp happy and helps retain the moisture in my hair. The gummies are like candy. It's hard to only eat two. I even like the bags they come in. I use those for everything, Bobby pins, ponytail holders and all sorts of things. Thanks for that!

Thank you for sharing your experience, pictures! and video Looking great!

Donna's great auntie

I started this hair journey 2 months ago,,total knee replacement, my hair has grown,my pain is gone,thank you Donna,for being my hair challenge during all that pain,you gave me something to get up to every other morning, I think you were created for me,during my health ordeal

Yes! Donna is smiling so hard! Love hearing this. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Enjoy your Donna's Recipe!

Donna's Recipe Set- (Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamins & Strength Hair Oil)
Esther Bokongole (Smithers, British Columbia)
The best and the best

Heyyyy Queen 👑
Donna’s recipe did me good and is still everyday I’m keep on seeing growth in my hair and my nails it just amazing and incredibly, Thank you 😊 Queen.👑💎✨🇨🇦

Thank you for sharing your experience and video! Looking great!

I think (babygirl) my hair nickname are doing good 🤔

So my pictures are showing my hair journey. Picture in the yellow show my before and the rest are showing my journey of Afro,twists and finally some braiding, so I’m seeing growth. I love the taste of the vitamins and I love to rock my mini Afro sometimes! I got a chance to re-create a cover of Ebony wearing my real hair celebrating the #crownact although we didn’t get picked I had fun and I also mentioned donnas recipe ❤️ So far I like the products, the oil is strong in smell but I guess it’s doing the job 😊 Can you tell a difference?

Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures! Looking great!


When I tell you I am in love with Donna's recipe, OMG! My hair has not been this long since I was 13 years old. 😲 This product is the bomb!!! I have been using Donna's recipe for 6 months now and you can see the results below. I like everything about it especially the biotin gummies. They taste so good and it does wonders for my hair, skin & nails. Now, when using Donna's recipe it requires you to do your part as well to take care of you hair. I am a stickler when it comes to mine. I make sure I keep my ends trim and I use the suggestion Tabitha gave and put a few drops of Donna in my shampoo and conditioner, and 😲 wow it made a difference. My hair came out soft and manageable. Thank you Tab & Donna. ❤️ You ROCK!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures! Looking great!

Excellent Product!

I love having Donna’s recipe as a part of my hair routine! Just the smell makes me feel like I’m in a spa and enhances my self care experience! The results have produced a healthier looking body of hair!

Love to hear the results! Thank you for taking time to review and share your experience, Rosemary. Love you!

Donna’s Recipe

I am a breast cancer survivor! 🙏🏽💕🙌🏽 When my hair started growing back after chemo my crown was very very weak and slowly growing. After using Donna’s Recipe oil and gummies my hair is filling in again!! First picture was October 22/2021 and the other one is 12/18/2021! Loving my results!!!

Love hearing this. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Enjoy your Donna's Recipe!

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Dawn Chambers (Omaha, Nebraska)
Best Product out for hair

I have used he oil and vitamins for about 3 weeks. Noticeable growth. I do research for a living and this product is the best I have found on the market.

Love hearing about your progress! Thank you for using Donna's Recipe!

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Chad Harris (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Miracle in a Bottle

I just want to say that this product truly works if you stick to the regime. The gummies taste fantastic and the oil smells sooooo good. I’ve been using this product for almost three months and I love the results. I’ve been dealing with a widows peak and Donnasrecipe saved my hair line and I’ve been getting mad compliments on my hair. Get into it fellas!!

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Linda Hughes (Tinley Park, Illinois)
LuvN this Oil

Thank you so much for the inspiring message you give on a regular basis so uplifting!

Donna’s Recipe gummies

I love Tabitha Brown and Donna’s Recipe. The gummies are delicious, don’t taste like a vitamin at all and I love massaging the hair oil into my scalp. I’m growing my Donna as well! Thx Tab!

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Nancy Bell (Woodbridge, Virginia)
Yolanda's recipe

I've been natural two years, since I turned 50. I couldn't do the big chop. I am still learning how to manage my hair but Donna's recipe has really encouraged growth and health. I love it and will be a life long customer!

I've shared this with so many of my friends. I've gifted the oil and they all love it and become customers themselves.

Thank you Donna for sharing your amazing gifts with the world. For so many years sistas only had one or two options to care for natural hair. Now we have so many it's hard to know what right. I'm so glad I know Donna recipe works for me.

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Sema’J Brown (Dallas, Texas)
Hello edges!!!

My edges have always been thin ever since I was a child. The relaxers that I was putting on my hair only made things worse. I have always been scared to show my natural curls until I met Donna and Tab!!! Baby!!! Donna your little cousin thanks you!!

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Arnita Champion (Ontario, California)
A perfect Match

Donna met Gina ( my hair) while she is in love.....and let me tell you hunty!!! It's a match made in hair, nails and skin! Gotta stay stocked up!