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Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Felicia Simpson (Grover, Missouri)

I love it

Thank you so much for this amazing review!

Loving all of this!!!

First of all, HONEY, this duo is no joke!! Tab, you and Donna have done it for me and my household and I gotta say THANK YOU!!! My hair hasn’t felt this good in ages just from oils and gummies. I was so excited to receive my gift in the mail, it was like Christmas time all over again! It’s been 2 weeks and I have received nothing but compliments on how beautiful my hair looks. Donna’s recipe is going to be a staple in this household and hopefully others that I share it with as well. My mom has just completed chemo on her 3rd go around with breast cancer and I can’t wait for her to start using this, if for nothing else but to add in her feeling as beautiful as she is already. She loves natural products and I’m sure the feeling her scalp will get while massaging it daily will help rejuvenate her countenance.

Thank you so much for sharing this awesome recipe with us. I can’t wait to update you next month and pray your blessings are always overflowing in abundance! Love you girl and happy hair journey to everyone on this beautiful adventure.

Thank you so much for your written, photo and video review!!!!! You're amazing. So thankful for you! So glad that you love your new Donna's Recipe. Your hair looks amazing. 5 boxes!! Thank you! Thank you!

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
lori greene (Auburndale, Florida)
A Reminder

As soon as I opened up, it so reminded me of the days when my mother would pull out the sulfur 8.😆 I’m aging myself and that’s my business 😘. My scalp is saying, girlie we back! Thank you 🙏🏾

Yes!! Love it!! Enjoy and so thankful for you. Consistency is key!

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Felecia Robinson (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Amazing Results

I have been using the product for a month. I have seen a change in growth of my hair. I have a bald spot in the center of my head. It is now closing because of the drop that I use daily. Thank you Tab and Donna!

Yes, consistency is key. Thank you for sharing.

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Soncerie Cornegy (Commack, New York)
Magic in A Bottle

Listen just let the Video speak for itself-Tab Team feel free to edit out what you can’t use cause I ain’t that tech savvy...But That’s my Business...

You are so funny, love this video and your knowledge! Thank you for letting us be a part of your healthy hair journey!

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Annette Givens (San Francisco, California)
My scalp is woke now!

Omg! Donna girl my hair is not shedding or falling like it was prior to using Donna. I love the tingling, I love the smell and I love how it detangles my hair instantly. I even put some on my eyebrows to hopefully get them back healthy. I will send pics later. Thank you so much!

Love the tingling feeling too! Thanks for sharing your experience ❤️

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Sharee (Canton, Michigan)
Works, works, works!

I currently suffer from hair loss and thinness secondary to alopecia and this oil has helped out my hair better than anything I’ve ever tried. I highly recommend this!

Thank you for sharing your experience!


I have invested SO MUCH over the years (on the little white bottle with the red cap/tip) to combat a thin spot in my crown and I was losing it steadily! NOTHING WORKED until Donna came into my life! My crown is FINALLY being restored! The 1st pic is the day I received Donnas Recipe (delivered 1 month ago, today on January 19, 2021) and at that time I was UNABLE to wear a part due to thinning! I could no longer hide it with a “comb-over” spot always peeked thru! Today (Feb 19, 2021)... I am confident & comfortable parting my hair! Not only do I have hair growing in my crown, it is growing thicker ALL OVER and I have new the baby hair I had in Kindergarten (1975)! HELLO SUNCHYNE!

Singing (Whitney) : “they said be patient, just wait a little longer but that’s just an old fantasy! Saving all my love (and coins) for you”, Donnas Recipe!

God doesn’t give advice, He gives INSTRUCTIONS! Thank you Sista Tab for being obedient and answering the call to your instruction! So much love & admiration for you! ♥️

I am submitting more than a couple of pictures because I don’t want to appear to be deceptive! IT WORKS YALL! 5⭐️

Thank you for sharing your experience! Love hearing about your journey and happy to continue this journey together.

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Tish (Greensboro, North Carolina)
Love It

My locs would stay dry no matter what I used. After washing my hair and using Donna's Recipe for 2 weeks straight my hair has moisture and my scalp feels amazing and the shedding..honey what shedding. I love it and can't wait for restock. I'll be ordering 2 bottles.

So happy you love it! We so appreciate your support

I love it!!!!!

When I saw her post on YouTube about it launching I immediately stopped the video and ordered. I ordered the products because I have alopecia and I wanted to see if it will help my sides thicken/grow. I love how the oils make my scalp tingle and feel so clean. And the gummies..........the first time I ate one I had to tell myself they weren’t candy and it only says to eat two a day lol. Very good Mrs. Tab. I’m also from NC which is another reason I am supporting you, along with your love for God. Your customer service is amazing!

Erica, thank you so much and happy that you are enjoying your Donna's Recipe. So glad you are have a great experience with not only our products but also the customer service.

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Darnell Butler (Washington, District of Columbia)

I can not believe how great this product works. I struggle with my edges coming back in after having chemotherapy in 2017. I posted a few pictures after using products for 4 to 6 wks. Results are unbelievable. My friends and family were calling and messaging me about products. Thank you for such amazing product. Much success

We love to see it! Very beautiful ❤️


Omg, I LOVE this stuff! The oil is amazing - smells great and what a treat to take some time for ME and sit and massage it in and relax! The biotin in the form of gummies is FAB! Tastes so good; like a little candy treat that's good for you. I can already see a difference in my skin, nails and hair and it's only been a little bit. I can't wait for your products to be back in stock because I will definitely reorder. Tabitha, you are so wonderful; it's no wonder your products are just as wonderful as you. xoxo

Looking fabulous Deborah! Thank you for sharing

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Keisha Robinson (Baltimore, Maryland)
Babyyyyy whew chile!!!

Let me first start by saying THANK YOU TAB AND DONNA!! I've been following you Tab for 2.5 years and have always been a fan of you and Donna. I'm ao glad you finally shared your secret. This oil is ((((AMAZING)))) I'm on bottle #4 already. It smells amazing. I love how it penetrates my scalp and tingles. It really opens up your pores. My hair has grown so much within these last 3-4 months. My hair ia already super thick and my stylist said she doesn't know what I've been doing because it's getting thicker... what did I do? I SHARED DONNA'S RECIPE WITH HER!! Thank you again and I pray that you continue to be as beautiful as you are. Keep shining your light and beautiful aurora 🙏🏾👏🏾🎉❤

Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures! Looking great!

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Barbara Gaston (Chicago, Illinois)
Looking Good

I've been using the Donna Biotin gummed for about a month now and I can really tell the difference in my hair growth. My right side was thinning out but now it looks as full as the left side. I'm on thyroid medication which is probably why my hair was thinning as well as aging, I'm 74. I was just commenting today on how much fuller my hair looks.

Thank you so much for sharing, Barbara!

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Tericka Wilson (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Biotin vitamins

I've been using the oil and taking the vitamins since April 1st. My hair has grown and it's this bald spot right on my hair line I've had since my child hood days. Nothing I used would grow it back. I'm loving both products, I just ordered more vitamins. I still have some oil, my hair is fine so I can't use much on my hair or it will get oily. So I use it every other day. The picture with the grey shirt was April 1st when I started using the oil, and the picture in the black shirt was taken April 30th. I will only be using Donna's hair oil and taking her vitamins. Money well spent, now just waiting for my vitamins to arrive. Thanks Donna I'll post more pictures of my hair length soon.

Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures! Looking great!

Gummies are delicious!

The hair oil has a nice, light consistency and feels minty on my scalp. The gummies are delicious and it’s hard not to just eat just two each day. I am 50 years old and I started growing out my natural color about 10 months ago. My hair has started thinning and I’m already seeing a bit more body after just under 2 weeks with Donna’s treatment, so I’m hoping for even more good results. The packaging is beautiful and I’m so happy so support Tabitha (and Donna)!

We so appreciate you sharing your experience! So happy you love it Kristin!

Re up...

I understand that “things happen.” However, it would be nice to order your next 30 day supply, without having to wait. Generally, your results are better when you take a product consistently, until you achieve, whatever YOU consider to be your personal “end result”. The vitamins have a pleasant taste & the oil is light & it has a pleasant aroma. But again, the wait for the product has me like 🙄😏- ***UPDATE*** Donna’s Recipe got me all the way together. Super satisfied y’all. Thanks DR & staff! Y’all are alright with me!!! ❣️❣️

Thanks for the feedback Charmin! We now have a subscription service to help make your you can stay consistent. We're happy you're seeing great results! ❤️

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Alice G. (Santa Clarita, California)

Due to balding edges, having major surgery and a bad hair dye I lost tons of hair (can no longer put in a ponytail) So, I decided to give Donna’s Recipe a try. I love the smell and the way it makes my scalp feel! Unfortunately, after almost two months, I have not seen any results. But after reading other’s reviews, I decided not to give up and placed another order. Praying, I’ll see some results soon!

Alice, thanks so much for sharing your experience

I haven't noticed anything as of yet

I don't have much to report on this product because it was my first time ordering the oil and vitamins. I haven't seen any new hair growth perhaps because I'm using the nut free one, maybe I need the original I'm not sure, but like I said this was my first time ordering. I did submit a second order for the same nut free oil because may it takes a few tries. I'll give it another chance and if nothing else well the oil smells really nice. I may continue to buy the oil as a nice perfume and conditioner for my hair. But as far as hair growth....well when I finish the second order, I'll return with an update on hair growth if any.

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Kimberly Miles-McClain (Atlanta, Georgia)
It’s awesome

Thank you my hair is doing better it was shedding but Donna has been good to me bless you

Love it Kimberly!! Yes!

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Tamecka Johnson (Oak Park, Michigan)
I love it!!!

I received my order 3 days after I placed it, so you know that I was surprised by that but very happy. The packaging was cute and a very nice card. The smell of the oil is so amazing, honey that rosemary and peppermint hit my nose just right. It gave me a slight tingle on my scalp which I enjoyed. If it does my hair some good, I will definitely get it again. I only ordered the oil because I’m already taking biotin and did not want to over do it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review, Tamecka! So appreciate you. And yes the Strength Hair Oil will get you right. Keep picture progress. We're in this together.

Yes GOD!

In the words of Ms. Tab, “yes GOD”. Donna’s recipe is the best natural hair growth product thus far. Within 24 day my hair is thicker, healthy looking and stronger. I need to reorder ASAP! Great job! It’s a winner!

Your video made me smile from ear to ear ! Thank you for your amazing review.

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil (Light/Nut Free Version)
Kelly Jones (Concord, North Carolina)
Smells AMAZING!!!

Hey there!! 👋🏾
I ordered this oil because my scalp has a sensitivity to the oils that most other people swear by! (My scalp says "Nah, sis!) While I have not seen the hair growth that others boast about, I am happy I tried this. My scalp has no adverse reactions, at least not yet. I'm definitely getting into the smell!!! I wish there was a matching hair lotion, shampoo & conditioner...

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Remini Hendrickson (Lorton, Virginia)
Donna’s recipe loves Men too!!!

I purchased Donna’s recipe for the breakage of my edges. My husband began to say “are you gonna put Donna in my hair??” I laughed because, that’s my business... However, the results in a month were unbelievable. He struggled with a balding spot in the back of his head and when I say Donna spoke life to those follicles! See for yourselves! Thank you so much! It really works y’all! Get you some!! Thanks Tab!

haha so happy it worked for him too! Thanks for sharing your experience

So excited

It's too early to tell if the product is working yet, only had it a week. But my hair had a lot of breakage in the middle. Was long in the back, sides, and bangs and barely an inch in the middle. So I chopped off everything but the back. I look forward to the results of this product. Love the smell and the "tingly" sensation and it feels like its working. Also, it's hard to swallow pills so am very thankful Biotin are gummies and yummy. THANK YOU TAB and DONNA

Thank you. So excited on your hair journey and you seeing results. ❤️