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Donna's Recipe Hydration Mist Spray Bottle
Shawyn Wright (Chicago, Illinois)

This is the most amazing product that I've used so far. I've been natural for 4 years so I've been through a lot of products to find what's works on my hair. YouTube video placeholder
Satisfied customer

I used this product on my natural hair. I was very pleased. Left my hair clean and soft. It had a very pleasant sweet smell. Not overpowering. I will definitely use it again.

Donna's Recipe Hydration Mist Spray Bottle
Wanda Rush (Columbus, Mississippi)
Love this!

Love how this sprays and evenly distributes water to my hair

TWA & that’s my business lol

A little goes along way on my twa
& been using vitamins & oil
First pic was from June 2021
Second pic January 2023
Gotta get more strength hair oil asap absolutely loving this product on my natural hair

Donna's LOC system is A++++!!

There is no hesitation in sharing how great this LOC system is. I've been using it in my hair as a wash n go and finger coils for my son! The moisture retention is amazing without weighing my hair down! Love Love Love!!! Ms. Donna did her thang, and a little goes a long way!❤

Very good!

I love this product. It smells just as wonderful as people say it does. It makes my daughters hair super moisturized and makes detangling a breeze. I will be buying this again!

Sweet Potato Pie….OOWEEEE!!

On a scale of 1to 5, I give 10! YouTube video placeholder
Yesssss Sweet Potato Shampoo

Girl it smells like sweet potato pie. Yummy hydration for your hair. My 13 year old has some thick hair. Water doesn't even saturate during the wash... until I started using Donna's Recipe. Just checking out the video.


This conditioner is hands down the best I have used in years. My hair is SOOOO soft. Usually with other conditioner I have to use a detangler before blowing it out. Not this time. Thank You Thank You.


This shampoo is giving all it needs to give. After washing my hair it was so clean and a little goes along way.


Love love loved it ! Makes my hair feel soft and moisturized!

Highly Satisfied Brain Cancer Survivor

I purchased this product for my mother as a birthday gift. I was asked to try Donnas Shampoo on my sensitive scalp. To my surprise this product DID NOT irritate my scalp or cause an adverse reaction. My hair is thick and still in recovery from brain cancer. With my scalp sensitivity I was hesitant because all I used was baby shampoo/Motions. I was highly impressed with this line and how well it worked for my mother and I! Thanks Tabitha for sharing your gift and creativity with us!


I thought it would take forever to get my hair to grow back and to come back healthy since having my surgery a few years ago. So I kept my hair cut short, attempted to grow it back and ended up cutting it off again. My hair was thinning, shedding and breaking off so bad. Last June, I decided to try Donna's Recipe, followed and stayed consistent with the instructions and 💥 BOOM! My hair is growing and my nails are growing stronger too. Plus rub a little on your eyebrows, trust me it works there too lol. I am totally satisfied with my progress so far. I wrote this to Tell a friend and their friends to try Donna's Recipe. It WORKS!

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
kimberly Lofton (Lake Elsinore, California)
My hair is on the move!

My hair and my nails have been growing like crazy and on top of that I feel like my skin also has gotten a little clearer. I don't know if it's the biotin that does all of this for my skin in my hair and my nails but he's doing something I'm loving it.


The shampoo has an amazing lather and it leaves your hair soft, my scalp felt penetrated with lots of goodness (vitamins, oil, and several benefits). I have had braids so I have only used it once but my hair definitely feels stronger. I have been using the strength oil for over a year as well and consistency is showing in the hair, nails and skin 🙌🏾

I am enjoying my hair journey!

I have been using Donnas recipe products starting with the vitamins and oil for a year now. I purchased the whole hair care collection and immediately noticed softer, more manageable hair. It smells good! I use the product on my daughter as well. Hair days are easier, the loc system does the trick after washing. I love twists and the Afro look and hope to work along with the cousins in the future, or even be featured on the page showing my results. Having 4C hair is often the bad hair but this moisturizer and hair line has made me feel different about my own hair. The double picture was when I first started it was very dry, but as you can see in my other pictures it has improved greatly! Hoping to keep learning and growing with the cousins! Can't wait to press my hair out and trim my ends, maybe for my 9th wedding Anniversary!! I enjoy washing my hair the shampoo really does a good lather for my scalp and my scalp looks healthy, I am happy about my hair journey so far, I think I'm doing a great job!

I Love It It’s Amazing

The Gummy Vitamins Taste Just Like Candy

Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil
Terryn Leake (Chicago, Illinois)
Major thickness and length!

“Thank you” isn’t enough thanks!
I have been using Donna’s Recipe consistently for 1 year and my hair has flourished more than any other time in my LIFE. I am thankful for these products and the care that has gone into their creation. I am a loyal and repeat customer. Now…”have yourself an amazing day, but even if you can’t, don’t you dare go messin’ up nobody else’s.” Thank you again.

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Angela Williams (Clearwater, Florida)

I can’t stop rubbing my edges….. Yessss!!!

Satisfaction Guaranteed- Happy Customer

What a difference Donna’s recipe hair collection had made in my life! Oh Donna I thank you! I have lupus and when mini patients suffer hair loss, Donna’s recipe oil and vitamins has actually made my hair grow back! After having Locs for 10 years and combing them out, I was face with a head full of gray menopausal hair at the age of 53. The new sweet potato pie collection has worked wonders to my stubborn gray menopausal hair! curly texture of my hair and restored my gray hairs as white as snow! I am so grateful for a vegan and gluten-free product line since I also suffer from celiac disease as well! Donna’s recipe, I am a customer for life and my gray hairs and I thank you I have attached a video link for your entertainment. Happy holidays. YouTube video placeholder

Listen Donna is The Business Honey!!

Donna's Recipe Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Gummies
Trianna Hatch (West Chicago, Illinois)

This is either my 5th or 6th order and it's money well spent!

Thank you for the creative video! Congrats on your hair growth!

God Sent- Postpartum Hair

After always have lots of hair I recently began to loose it do to postpartum hair after having my son. I cried after every wash because I would see my hair coming out by the handful. Then one day I heard God tell me to try Donnas Recipe. I didn’t hesitate. I ordered and within a week I began to see my edges grow back. Week after week I began to see growth and regain strength. I haven’t had any hair loss and my hair began to flourish. I’m so grateful. Thank you

Wow! Congrats on embarking on your healthy hair journey! We are happy that you chose Donna's Recipe. Thank you for leaving a review!


Donna’s Recipe Bundle Set is my favorite. I started using it in December of 2021, and it has changed my life. After being consistent with using the products, I started seeing results. The video displays results as of July 2022. If you’re experiencing hair loss, you should try Donna’s Recipe Bundle Set. In order to see results, you must be C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E-N-T !

Thank you Cousin Donna for helping my hair grow healthier 💕.

Amazing! Thank you for your review with wonderful pictures and a video. We appreciate hearing from our customer's on their healthy hair journey! Thanks for sharing!

Donna's Recipe: 1 - Chemo Hair Loss - 0

Listen...I am SOLD!! I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of 35. I completed chemo May 2022. I started using Donna's Recipe July 2022...Watch the words for how. I am subscribing NOW! Thank you for your obedience to following God's plan for your life! This Sweet Home Alabama Gem thanks you endlessly!

Thank you so much for sharing your progress pictures and a video! We love you!