Who is Donna?

Simply put, Donna is my hair.  But don't think that my hair doesn't have a personality all on her own.  Donna is no non-sense, sometimes feisty.

One night while I was cooking live on Facebook I looked at her and said “My hair is growing straight at the top like Don King, they must be related! I’m gonna name her Donna!” And Donna was born! She quickly took her rightful throne in the world and began to show up and out!  

In 2017, I did a big chop where I cut my hair off and had less than an inch long hair.  2018, I began to let my hair grow out. Since then, Donna has been the talk on my social media, where I get tons of comments and direct messages asking about the beautiful growth of Donna. "What does Donna use to keep it her so healthy?", "How did Donna get so thick and full?" 


With my business partner, Gina Woods, we came up with natural and vegan ingredients that promote hair growth and retention for all of us to enjoy.  And just like that, Donna's Recipe is born.


The all-natural vegan friendly hair recipe to encourage and stimulate hair growth.

Have the most amazing day! But even if you can't don't you dare go messing up nobody else's. Now, go about your business and make sure you order Donna's Recipe by Tabitha Brown today.  Love you!



Tabitha Brown

I'm an actress, 2x New York Times best-selling author, social media personality, and entrepreneur. I've gained even more exposure through sharing my vegan journey, good laughs and daily encouragement.  You can find me on Ellen Tube with my show All Love offering pure love and goodness to people's lives.  Most recently Donna and I have been on Good Morning America, OWN Network, Ellen Show, Today Show and seen in Vanity Fair, Essence and more.