Tips on Finding a Natural Hair Stylist

Tips on Finding a Natural Hair Stylist

One of the most frustrating things for us with curly and coily hair is when we simply can’t find a hairstylist that knows and understands our hair texture. Who agrees? For us with natural hair, it’s often normal to occasionally want a protective style like braids, twists, locs or wigs. While there are other moments where we want to rock our natural hair bold, proud and well deep conditioned. If you’ve recently gone natural, moved to a new city, or just need a change, trying to find a new natural hair stylist can be quite overwhelming. First, take a moment to breathe, cousin! If you’re not sure where to start, or if you’re feeling stuck, here are a few tips on choosing your natural hair  stylist.


The oldest trick in the book to find business owners for practically everything. So, ask for your friends, family members, people you follow on social media, or neighbor for a referral. Don’t be shy when you see someone at the grocery store with really nice and neat braids or with big voluminous curls. That’s your opportunity to add someone in your referral book.

Social Media:

Social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook have been proven worthy multiple times when looking for a specific hair stylist. They’re basically databases for available goods and services. Search tags such as #naturalhairstylist #naturalhaircare #braidscityname #yourcitynaturalhairstylist etc. You might find several options in your area. Be careful, as not all hairstylists are alike. Do your research and make sure that the hair stylist has experience taking care of naturally curly or hair like yours. 

Use a Natural Hair Stylist Directory

If you hop on Google, and search natural hair stylist directory, it’ll provide a more filtered database in your city. These directories are filled with hair stylists that specialize in natural hair care, protective styles, or healthy options for coloring curly hair. These are helpful ways to help connect people with coily/curly hair with hair stylists in their area. 

Schedule a Consultation

Before scheduling an appointment, be sure to set up a consultation. Some stylists may offer this service for free while others may charge a small fee or deposit. Either way, a consultation is crucial when finding a natural hair stylist. Use this as an opportunity to discuss your hair’s needs, hair goals, and receive any feedback from the stylist regarding your healthy hair journey. This conversation will help you decide if a stylist fits your needs, budget, and overall confidence.

 Talk About Products

Figure out what salons and stylists use the same or similar product lines as you. Find out if they have the styling tools that work best for your hair texture. If a particular salon doesn’t have the tools or products that are more centered for natural hair care, then they may not be the right fit for you.

Try a Few Stylists Before Committing

So you did all your research, booked a consultation, set an appointment and got your hair done. Everything went smooth but you’re still not 100% sold. That’s okay! There’s no rule that says you have to commit to one stylist after the first appointment. Try a few other hair stylists in your area over the year to see who you’re comfortable with and who works with your hair best. Because that’s what’s most important!  If you love how your hair is done the first time, don’t feel the need to shop around. Continue booking with that stylist again and start building that relationship.


  • Taylor Abrams

    Your advice to identify salons and stylists that use the same or comparable product lines as you and determine whether they have the style equipment that is most effective for your hair texture was useful. I’ve been wanting to dye my hair blonde for ages now but am too scared it won’t flatter me. However, I want to be less scared this year and just go for it so I’ll now start looking for a good hair salon.

  • Tai

    I have been using Donna’s Recipe for several months now and I am happy to say I love it. In past I dealt with dry scalp issues, but since I have been using DR … bye bye dry scalp!

  • Vicky Smith

    I been using Donna’s recipe for awhile now and I’m happy to say that my hair has not only grown but my thinning crown has filled in tremendously. Very good!

  • April Hopson

    I have been using donnas recipe for about 6 months and I’m very pleased I still have one area on my sides that are still very thin growing in but slowly

  • Sheila Jenkins

    Having alopecia my hair is not growing fast

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