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Let's start off with what alopecia is exactly. Alopecia is a medical condition that affects the hair follicles and can lead to hair loss. It's important to keep stress level down as much as possible and know that there are action steps that you can take to help to control either the spread and/or worsening of the condition.

 If you suspect you have alopecia, it's essential to take steps to address your concerns and seek professional medical guidance. Here are some steps to follow:

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  • Set your goals: Decide on your desired end result. Determine whether you want to grow out your natural hair completely or trim off the chemically treated ends gradually.

  • Moisturize regularly: Keep your hair well-moisturized to prevent dryness and breakage. Use a water-based leave-in conditioner or moisturizer and seal in the moisture with natural oils or butters. Moisturize your hair as needed to maintain its hydration.

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