Do's and Dont's of Taking Care of Hair in Protective Styles

Do's and Dont's of Taking Care of Hair in Protective Styles

Who doesn't love a good protective style?! Protective styles are a great way to give your natural hair a break from daily manipulation and styling, but it's essential to care for your hair and scalp properly while wearing them. Here are some do's and don'ts for taking care of your hair while in a protective style: 


  1. Moisturize: Keep your hair and scalp moisturized by using our lightweight, water-based leave-in conditioner and a hair and scalp oil that won't clog your scalp.Your hair should remain protected with moisture so it doesn't become hard, brittle and prone to breakage.  That defeats the point of a protective style.  Keep your hair protected with moisture and moisture retention.

  2. Cleanse your scalp: While in a protective style, it's essential to maintain a clean scalp to prevent product buildup and maintain hair health. Sweet Potato Pie Moisturizing Extra Creamy Shampoo is great as it will cleanse your scalp without stripping natural oils and scalp fresh.

  3. Consider quality of scarf or bonnet: We already know that a bonnet or scarf is great for keeping a protective style nicely wrapped at night.  However, make sure to get a good quality bonnet/scarf that is soft and won't rub against your edges.  Constant rubbing of a material against your edges can cause hair loss in that area.

  4. Use a hairnet: If you're wearing a wig or weave, consider using a hairnet underneath to protect your natural hair from friction and tension.  Try not to over use wigs/weave.  Give your hair opportunity to breathe.  If you can't stop use, let your hair out while at home.

  5. Keep your scalp oiled: Apply a lightweight oil to your scalp to stimulate follicles for a healthy scalp.  One of the goals for a protective style is to allow hair to grow and not be manipulated too much.  It starts from within and coming out a healthy scalp.

  6. Trim as needed: While protective styling, monitor the ends of your hair for split ends or damage. Trim them as necessary before and after your protective style to prevent further breakage.

  7. Stay gentle: Handle your hair with care. Avoid excessive pulling, tugging, or tight hairstyles, as these can lead to hair damage.  If you have issues with edges, try to not pull protective style away from your edges such as pulling into a ponytail.  Let your hair relax.

    • Nutrient Intake:  Make sure to eat foods that support overall hair health such as super foods like sweet potatoes, nuts (almonds and walnuts), green leafy foods (broccoli, collard greens, etc).  A great Biotin supplement is our  Vegan Biotin Hair Vitamin Strawberry Gummies that has 10,000 mcg of biotin that may support hair, nail and skin.

    The Don'ts:

    1. Don't leave the style in for too long: Protective styles are meant to be temporary. Leaving them in for extended periods can lead to matting, breakage, and even hair loss. Aim to keep your protective style in for 6-8 weeks at most, depending on your hair type and how well you maintain it.

    2. Don't neglect your hair underneath: Just because your hair is in a protective style doesn't mean you can ignore it. Continue to moisturize and care for your natural hair to keep it healthy.

    3. Don't use excessive heat: If you're wearing extensions or a wig, be cautious about using heat styling tools excessively. High heat can damage both your natural hair and the extensions.

    4. Don't use heavy products: Avoid using heavy creams, gels, or oils that can weigh down your hair and make it difficult to cleanse your scalp properly.  

    Protective Style Kit:

    Strength Hair Oil for stimulating hair scalp and follicles.  Great use with braids and twists.

    Sweet Potato Pie Collection 

    • Leave-in Conditioner- it is water-based loaded with nutrient-rich ingredients such as vanilla and lemon juice that are great for daily use to keep hair hydrated
    • Hair & Scalp Oil-great for lock in moisture to keep hair flexible and less prone to breakage
    • Hair Cream- extra moisture boost and excellent for high porosity hair (hair they dries out easy)

    Hope this protective style Do's and Don'ts help you as you go on this healthy hair journey!! We got this!  Share any tips that have helped you while in protective styles.

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