Time to Have The Talk…The Natural Hair Talk

Time to Have The Talk…The Natural Hair Talk

Let’s get real about natural hair, like, really real. No matter where you are in your natural and healthy hair journey, sometimes it’s best to take a step back, manage your expectations, and understand the, sometimes, harsh reality of what natural hair goes through. 

My wash days never come out the same!

You should be more concerned if your wash days do come out the same every time. The same way you don’t wear the same clothes or eat the same food every day, your hair won’t always be the same! You could be using the same products and sleep with your hair wrapped up the same way every day, yet your hair doesn’t look the same after you fluff it out. There are so many factors that you may not be aware of that play a part in what your curls will look like that day. Something as small as the weather being two degrees higher or lower each day can drastically affect your hair's appearance. So just imagine what other things can affect your hair on a daily basis. 

Why doesn’t my hair look like theirs?

It’s tempting to go down the social media wormhole and see people (strangers even) share the best pictures of their natural hair. But guess what…your favorite influencers’ hair doesn't look like that 24/7, and it’s unfair and unhealthy for you to compare yourself to them. So yes, save that picture you have your eyes on, and bring it to the salon for inspiration. However, don't try to replicate it because that’s impossible. Everyone’s hair is different! No one has your exact hair, and that’s your superpower. So learn to love and embrace what you have, even when social media tells you what your hair should look like.

It’s okay to break “Natural Hair Code”

Did you know it’s okay to break the standard “natural hair rules” once in a while…as long as you continue to practice healthy hair habits as well. Go ahead, book your blowout appointment, but make sure you deep condition before and after to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Guess what? It's also okay to not sleep in a satin bonnet or wrap once in a while, because let’s be honest, you may be just too tired to even bother. Just don’t be surprised if you have to refresh your hair the next morning or just be totally okay with putting your hair up in a cute messy bun. 

Why doesn’t that method or product work for me?

Unfortunately, not every product or styling method is going to work for everyone, and that is totally okay and sometimes expected. It would be a perfect world to know that every new product you try is going to magically work for you. Your hair and body does a great job of letting you know which products and methods work for you and what doesn’t work for you. Always make sure to listen to yourself and your crown. Don’t force your hair to use products or methods that doesn’t work for them. 

Remember, everyone is different! What are some things you wish someone would’ve been real about with you when it came to natural hair?


  • Angela Redd

    I’ve tried several products including this while it made the rest of my hair thick my problem areas are still the same! I’m not sure but it could be medicine. Love you Donna and Tab

  • Venita Wilson

    How long should it be before I should be able to see a difference? I have thinning in my crown area. I deal with vitiligo and bad allergies and I’m in my mid 50’s.
    So, I feel this might not help me although I’m trying anything at this point.

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