The 3-step Layering Moisturization Technique: LOC vs LCO

The 3-step Layering Moisturization Technique: LOC vs LCO



LOC or LCO Routines: Step by Step

Which moisturization technique is best for your hair type? This depends on your hair's porosity level. Find out what hair porosity is and how to test yours here.


  • Gina

    Purchased all the sweet potato products plus the spray bottle. My hair is soft and doesn’t come out in the comb and it was the first wash!! My hair condition improved.Will definitely purchase again and again and again❤️

  • Paula

    I like the oil and the gummies, but I didn’t like my hair smelling like sweet potatoes. I would like a leave in but without the smell of a food item.

  • Mildred Simmons

    Everything is sold out please let me know when the 3 step is back in stock

  • Eva Winston

    They sold out at all the stores and online so I was wondering where can I get the rest of my products I only have two things

  • Sandra

    The products smells awesome.I saw a difference in my hair the first time I used the products.

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