Stress Breakage

Stress Breakage

Guest Writer: Ashley Lewis

Hey Family!

Let’s talk,  “Stress Breakage”. This is when high levels of stress hormones causes your hair to break off or fall out.  

For a long time I wasn’t aware that I had this issue, but I kept finding sections  of my hair with strands half the length of the rest of my hair. This mainly occurred  in the mid-scalp region of my head and was only noticeable when I attempted styled that area of my hair. 

Stress and anxiety can have so many effects on the body, some we automatically notice like breakouts on our face and others not so much, like a patch of hair in the back of your head (what the hack!?). Depending on how much stress you have going on in your life, this will determine the magnitude of the effects.  

 The good news is, there are plenty of ways to manage or reduce stress, and most of them won’t break your pockets!  I know this may not be easy for everyone but, adding in some form of self care could be extremely helpful. Find something you can do consistently that brings you peace and calm. Meditate, take walks, listen to music, even if it’s just five minutes of silence throughout your day, do it! Scalp massages are also a huge help. Grab your Donna’s Recipe Strength Hair Oil and give yourself a ten minute scalp massage. This will help to stimulate your scalp and hair follicles, which assists with blood flow and hair growth.

Lastly, be consistent with your hair care routine and be sure to include a great deep conditioner into the process! Exercise, take your Donna’s Recipe Biotin Hair Vitamins Gummies, and drink lots of water!

We all experience stress at some point in our lives, but if there is something you can do to help it and also help your overall well being, I say let’s make it a priority! 


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