Somebody has been using my Donna's Recipe for Hair Growth

Somebody has been using my Donna's Recipe for Hair Growth

Hello there!!! Can you believe what's going on?? The question is...who has been using my Donna's Recipe.  What do you all think? Am I wrong or should I apologize?😂

Go get your Donna's Recipe here & do yourself a favor and get for the whole family so you're not in the same situation I'm in now.






  • Erika Boles

    Yes, Mrs. Tab you not wrong, your husband been using your Donnas recipe. Shame on your husband for using Donnas recipe 😆😆😆😆. But he just showing me it do work and grow your hair. You tell Donna hi I am going get me one so my hair can grow too. So happy for y’all keep doing it and keep going God bless y’all and many more blessings

  • Toni Peatross

    Chance has such an Innocent face. I love it he’s Guilty! 🤣🤣

  • Krystal N Mitchell

    I love you and your whole family Tab!!! I just purchased and received my Donna’s Recipe and I’m beyond excited! I have recently been diagnosed with psoriasis and lot a lot of hair so I so excited and overjoyed for the results!

  • Monica A Smith

    Chance I believe you. It just look like you might need it trimmed or you just letting it grow out or what you want to do with it. You right you not you not the only person who lives there. Tab dear you owe hubby an apology.

  • Marie Slade

    Tab i go So Tickled Listening to this Video. Now i think I will order Some for my Husband. Do you think his Thin Spots in his Hair will Grow Back? 😀I’m So Excited about My Donna’s Recipe. Please Create Some Donna’s Hair Grease!!! I have Thyroid&Thin Spots in my Head&Looking Foward to See How Donna is going to Work for me. Love You Tabitha❤️

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