Somebody has been using my Donna's Recipe for Hair Growth

Somebody has been using my Donna's Recipe for Hair Growth

Hello there!!! Can you believe what's going on?? The question is...who has been using my Donna's Recipe.  What do you all think? Am I wrong or should I apologize?😂

Go get your Donna's Recipe here & do yourself a favor and get for the whole family so you're not in the same situation I'm in now.






  • Connie Veal

    Chance says that’s his story and he’s sticking to it.Can’t wait to check out the Mother’s Day bundle. God bless your beautiful family ✝️

  • Neina Hall

    Hi Tab🤗 I have the same isdue with my hubby using my Donna’s Recipe and pretending he didn’t. Get him Sis🥰🥰 I Love you guys chemistry🤩🤩

  • Cynthia Miller

    I’m so excited I received my Donna’s bottle and I began using the product I am so excited to see my results and chance he looked very guilty it was all in his eyes it look like he was trying to grow a bang okay Donna y’all have some fun and I’ll get back to you with my results cuz it’s my business.🥰🤭

  • Bertha Coleman

    Hi Tab,
    You all ready know that Chance is guilty. Don’t need a juror or judge. He is using Donna. Guilty As Charged. I love you and your family so much. You all make me laugh when I’m sad. Much Love ❤️.


    Did he say prove it?! He guilty. I can’t wait to make my video. When I take these braids out baby you ain’t gonna be able to tell me nothing. The new growth is out of control. Donna on her JOB.

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