Should I Use A Gel, Cream, Or Both?

Should I Use A Gel, Cream, Or Both?

Cream? Gel? Or both? Or both? That is the question. Both of these hair care products are designed to cater towards natural hair needs. Several factors come into play when deciding which product to use for your hair, including density, width, curl pattern and the porosity of your hair. Choosing between a cream or a gel will depend not only on these factors, but also on your desired hair goals.

What are your desired hair goals?

  • Frizz control
  • Defined curls
  • Elongation 
  • Hydration/Moisture
  • Volume
  • Extend a style

Let’s first talk about what each product does…


Creams, typically, are less of a styling product and more of a hair care product. They provide moisture, definition, and shine. They also help to keep hair healthy, eliminate frizz, and moisturize from the inside out. Creams are soft, light, and don't feel greasy or stiff when applied to hair. Creams also tend to have a lighter hold and soften your hair while giving volume, so if extending your hair style is what you’re looking for, try adding a gel.  


Gels have come a long way since the crunchy-curl days of the ’90s and 2000s and have moved from merely providing hold to also providing moisture. Whether your hair is straight, curly or coily, gels are generally used to hold and set the hair. They provide shape and hold to a style by forming a film on the hair that creates physical bonds between hair strands, holding them in place, which helps create the clumping effect. 

Pro Tip: Not all gels and creams will mix well together. Try experimenting on your hand first. Mix one pump of each product on your hand.

Here are signs that your products will work together:

  • Blends easily
  • Forms into one product
  • Milky or clear color
  • Feels smooth and creamy

Here are signs that the products don’t work together:

  • Blends easily Mixture has a thick, chunky texture
  • Separated and not blended
  • Mixture dries up


Consider What Your Curls Need

One of the best ways to go about this large task is to consider your hair needs. 

Texture and Volume. Make sure you know your specific hair characteristics (porosity, density, curl pattern) so that you know how much product to use. After all, you want to add texture and volume to your hair, not weigh them down or obscure them.

Define, Extend a Style. For styles that are longer-lasting and moisturized, you will more than likely need a cream and gel.

Frizz. If it’s frizz that’s bothering you, then a gel and curl cream will allow you to go outside when it’s humid. This combination will make it easy to manipulate your locks and give them that perfect, soft finishing touch.

Hydration. The natural oil produced by your scalp (sebum) is supposed to travel down your hair to keep it moisturized and protected. The twists and bends in natural hair make that journey a long, difficult one. Sebum typically doesn’t make it to the ends of curls, making our hair feel more dry. If hydration is what your hair needs, go with a curl cream or defining butter. It is the perfect solution to hydrate the hair from the inside out.

Based on the information and tips that has been provided, you should now be able to decide whether you need to use the cream, gel or both. Have the most amazing day!


  • Sue

    I’ve been experiencing hair lost for over three years. I learned of Tab & Donna’s hair oil and vitamins in 2021. I started ordering and using these products for the past four months. I could not be more pleased! My hair has started growing and thickening…
    Thanks to Tab & Donna for the opportunity to be a member of the healthy hair journey!!!

  • Villine

    Tab, I just love this oil and the vitamins. Your oil is what the doctor ordered. I love the ingredients in the oil. It smells so fresh and clean. I finally found something that works on my hair. Kudos and continue to do good work. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  • Nicole

    There is something to be said of a person who is everyone’s imaginary best friend! You are that for me & so many others.

    What God has given you- your voice, your authenticity, your Spirit, your branding, your blueprint- is only an anointing & assignment that is strategically designed and generated by Him. I speak bountiful blessings over you & your family in Jesus Name.

    May He keep you close to each other and even closer to Him.

  • Nichelle

    I just love Tab with all my heart, I’m so proud of herI I started watching her on face book in 2019 God has Blessed her so much when I get some extra money I will definitely support Tab and purchase the oil God Bless you and your family in Jesus name amen

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