Seasonal Hair Loss is Real...

Seasonal Hair Loss is Real...

The very mention of hair loss can get us all worked up.  However, this time of year for the fall season it may be more than the leaves falling at a faster pace.  Yes, the fall season, there is a greater chance of increased hair shedding than other times of the year. Settle down, it is normal.

However, you know your body and if it is a concern of yours, it's time to schedule an appointment with a specialist for hair such as a dermatologist or primary care practitioner.

Here are some helpful tips during the fall season to help with reducing seasonal hair loss as much as possible:


1.) Don't use hot water when you shampoo & condition

Hot water can feel really good especially with cooler outside temperates from the fall season.  Unfortunately, hot water can take the moisture from your hair and make it more susceptible for breakage.  It's best to use warm water for shampoo and cool water for final rinse after condition.


2.) Use a humidifier

Heating your home can suck the moisture out your hair and leave it dry and dull.  Humidifiers restore the lost moisture from heat in your home.  


 3.) Good Scalp Health

We always talk about consistent scalp massages are always good for scalp and hair.  A good tip is warming up your Strength Hair Oil  and gently massaging scalp for 3-5 minutes to stimulate circulation and blood flow. 


4.) Don't Have Protective Styles in Too Long

Since we know we will have an increased rate of hair shedding during the fall, let's not give it assistance with too much pulling or tension. Protective styles are great for time saving but is hard on the hair when installed too long and will result in even more shedding. There is tension in the same spot without a break.  That is just not good for our poor strands long term.


5. Be Mindful of Big Changes in Your Life

Some major life events include surgery, stress at home and/or work, death in the family, taking care of a family member, switching medications, drastic diet changes and so much more.  When you know you are entering a big change in your life you need something to balance that new stress such as go on a daily walk, get up earlier for peace and quiet, join a dance class.  Make sure you put something in place to prepare for an added responsibility or weight on your life.  Major stressors are huge with contributing to hair loss so let's get in front of it and tackle it now.


6. Take your supplements & Eat Right

Honey, Donna's Recipe Biotin is a good choice to promote healthy hair.  Also, remember to have a high water intake in addition to any biotin and a healthy well balanced diet.  Some great foods that promote stronger, healthier hair are berries which are high in antioxidants and avocado which also has a great source of biotin as well.


This fall season is temporary.  Remember, take into action some of these things like changing our water setting when washing and a good ole' fashion scalp massage can do ALL OF US some good!  Now, go about your business and have the most amazing day.  But even if you can't, don't you dare go messing up nobody else's!







  • Kareema

    Thx for seasonal wisdom!

  • Venita Lilly

    Thank you so much for the hair tips. Much needed

  • Yolanda Davis

    Thank you for the tips! I’m still working to master my natural hair lifestyle.🥰

  • Summer

    Thank you for these tips! So appreciated!

  • Natalie McGrady

    Thank you for the tips. The Biotin and hair massages are helping.

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