Prepare for Wash Day

Prepare for Wash Day

This is a time where we should put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on our bathroom door so we can go to work..yes? For some, wash day is a breeze, but for most people wash day is a whole job.  Here are some quick tips to better prepare for wash day and make it more enjoyable!

1.) Get Mentally Prepared

Sometimes we just jump into and forget what we get ourselves into.  Don't you do that.  Get into the right mind space so you can be patient with your beautiful glory of hair.  Don't you treat Donna's cousins wrong because you're impatient!  Don't do that.  This is a time of giving good TLC to your hair and scalp not rush.  Think of wash day as a spa day where Donna's cousin are going to get pampered and spoiled.  Yes!  So, make sure you don't have any close plans so you don't rush.


2.) Get a Good Playlist to Get You In the Right Mood

 Do you like to listen to slow jams or do you like more hype hip hop?  Whichever gets you in the right mood, the cousins are here for it.  This will make the time more enjoyable and light.


3.) Get everything you need out in front of you on the counter in order

* Section clips



*Deep Conditioner

*Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil

*Microfiber towel

*Leave-in Conditioner

*Conditioning cap

*Moisturizing cream


4.) Invest in a conditioning cap so you still be mobile in the house

Long are the days where we have to be under a hooded dryer.  Invest in a good conditioning cap so you can still cook food, clean, wash and hear your netflix show. 

Wash Day Routine

1.) Soften Hair Before Shampoo (10 mins)

Applying a moisturizing conditioner before your wash will soften your strands for your wash and allow less manipulation during the washing process.  Let it set for about 10 mins.  You can also use oils that has moisture such as avocado, coconut or olive oil.  


3.) Gently detangle (10 mins up to 30 mins)

Once you have softened the hair, before you begin to wash, you should gently detangle if needed.  It's best if you can detangle with your fingers.  Yes, this requires time and patience but that is why you have a good playlist going to make this enjoyable, TLC time. Very good.


4.) Shampoo (15 mins)

Cleansing is very important to focus on your scalp to remove buildup and debris.  We don't need anything blocking the follicles to prevent growth.


5.) Condition & Deep Condition (20 mins to 1 hour)

Important step in the washing process to replenish moisture that may have been stripped from the shampoo.  Concentrate on the strands and especially the ends.  You know the ends are the most vulnerable so slow it down to get those ends.


6.) Leave in Conditioner (2-3 mins)

Leave in conditioner is a great liquid that puts moisture on the strands that will keep it soften to avoid breakage and can handle low manipulation.


7.) Apply Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil  (5 mins)

Apply to a freshly washed clean scalp and tell me it doesn't feel like a refreshing massage all on its own.  Donna's Recipe has 18 all natural ingredients that provide moisture and seal in the moisture from the leave in.  Ingredients such as avocado and olive provide the moisture and the grape seed and jojoba offer as sealing oils.  All working to do your scalp right.  Massage in for 3-5 mins.


8.) Moisturize (2-5 mins)


End with a good moisturizing cream to keep your strands protected from issues on the outside such as the weather and protect from styling.


And make sure you get in your daily Donna's Recipe Biotin to work from inside.


Have the most amazing wash day!  But even it you can't don't you dare go messing up nobody else's!



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  • Gloria

    Hello Tabitha I hope all is well with you and the family 🙏🏾… tab Donna cousin is in need of a good moisturizer. My hair is so brittle stays very dry Donna recipe has been a great help. Can you suggest a good product for me to use from shampoo to Donna recipe lol. Tab have a bless and amazing day IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN 🙏🏾

  • Tricia

    Hi, do you have any recommendation for conditions, deep conditioners and moisturizing cream?

  • Betty Howard

    I go to the Bty shop every two week, How often should I wash my hair.I been used for seven month I can’t tell that much different But i am not going to stop using it I used the vegan and oil.

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