How to Make your Curls Last 4, 5, Even 6 Days Longer!

How to Make your Curls Last 4, 5, Even 6 Days Longer!

Hey loves! I'm Kiana Rae and I'm a new member of the Donna's Recipe Fam.

My curly hair journey didn't start until 4 years ago. Before that, believe it or not, I was straightening it every single day for 15 years. YIKES! Since then, I've dedicated my time to educate myself on everything curly hair related, such as hair types, porosity levels, curl friendly brands and ingredients, and the wash day process. With that, I want to share my Curly Hair Care Tips to you all!

For wash day, the thing about curly hair is that you shouldn’t and don’t have to wash your hair everyday. At one point, we all used to do that (including myself), and we didn’t know any better. Not washing our hair everyday is great because we'll get more volume and our natural hair oils travel throughout our hair making them bloom. Letting our hair last longer can help show us which products work best for us.

But, you or anyone might be having some trouble making your curls last all week. So I’m here to give you my inside tips to help you out! These will include how to reduce frizz and what products you should be using on which day to make your curls last as long as possible.

When refreshing your curls everyday, one of the main ways to make sure your hair looks good in the morning is how you go to bed the night before. That is by sleeping on SATIN, ON SATIN, ON SATIN! It’s the number one fabric that prevents hair from frizz. The less frizz you have, the easier it will be to refresh your curls every single day.

Satin is and always will be your curls best friend!

  1. Pull your hair back and use a satin head wrap that wraps around your edges and underneath your neck. This will help protect your edges and bottom layer curls from getting irritated, matted and frizzing out.
  2. Place your entire hair in a satin bonnet. That way all of your curls will be protected.
  3. Finally, make sure to use a satin pillowcase. Imagine your satin bonnet and satin pillowcase are two magnets. Rather than using a satin bonnet and a cotton pillowcase, satin on satin will never cause friction with each other, just like magnets. Your hair will gracefully slip and slide while you're sleeping along all that satin. 

* ALSO!*  Bring your own satin pillowcase while traveling to put over the hotel pillows as well as your airplane seat (that’s my little secret, so don’t tell anyone)!   

So, what products should you be using everyday to refresh them? 

  1. On day one (aka your wash day), start with a frizz free product that give your curls more hold. Mainly a product that will give your curls a caste. These products can range from a mousse, or to a gel. The caste will slowly go away, but the hold will still be there. 
  2. On day 2, your curls should've been kept safe from all of your satin products overnight. So remove your satin products one by one, flip your hair over to each side, slide your fingers into the roots and shake your hair vigorously. That’s it for day 2!
  3. On day 3 and maybe day 4, your hair may be asking for a little more moisture. Well guess what?! Your curls second best friend is water. No, you don’t need to drench your curls every single day. However, hair products are activated by water.
  4. First shake out your curls just like your day 2 process. Spritz your hair throughout with no more than 5-10 sprays. Yes, water can activate your products, but over spraying with water can cause frizz. Now this part is KEY! After spraying your hair, DO NOT touch your hair until it’s dry! Touching your hair while wet can also cause frizz, because it'll only confuse them while the products are trying to activate. You need to give your curls time on their own to wake up, think, and do their thing.
  5. With day 5 and 6, if your scalp is feeling a little greasy, consider applying a dry shampoo. Just lift your hair so you have access to your roots, spray, and then shake your roots with your fingers and slightly rub the dry shampoo in your scalp. It will not only give you a  cleaner feeling scalp, but it will also provide great volume.
      • Instead of purchasing a curl refreshing spray, you can make your own (and save a few dollars)! Grab a spray bottle, fill it with cold water and add 3-5 drops of Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil, then shake it all together. Cold water will help retain your moisture versus warm water which will dry out your hair.  Just 3-5 drops of Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil. And VOILA! 
      • If there are some obvious strands of hair that need a little more TLC, spritz the strand with water, add a pea sized amount of product, then coil that strand with your finger. Then allow time to dry.

    The main take away from these tips is to really listen to what your curls need on that day. 

    At the end of the day, the healthier your hair is, the better your curls are going to look throughout the week. Which means more Curly Hair Care, and less straightening *wink wink*!


    Let's all help each other out. How do you keep your curls longer? 





    • Jackey

      Does anyone know a gel that mixes well with the sweet potato pie collection?? Aunt Jackies and Eco Olive Oil gel leave little clumps. Gel is key to the wash and go. Help!!!

    • Gwendolyn Pace

      Received my package and my oil had leaked☹

    • TM

      To Deborah Tanner. Just wanted to share. I love Camille rose products. The Curl Love leave-in and Almond Jai Twisting Butter is awesome for moisturizing if you have coily dry hair.

    • Donna S.

      My hair (Joi) has grown beyond it has ever been in my 50+ years. I’ve found my hair’s (Joi’s) best friend…Donnasrecipe! 👌

    • RaeJ Johnson

      Just when I thought I knew what I was doing, I learn a few new things!! This was amazing information my curly Cuzzin! Thank you 🙏🏽

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