How to grow your edges back

How to grow your edges back

Oh baby, the edges!! Yes!  They are often the shorter hairs that go around our hairline and while they are shorter...they often get the most attention.  Many people ask, "How do you grow your edges??", "How do you style your edges?", "How do you care for your edges?" 

Edges are a very important topic of discussion, right?!

Today let's discuss edges and how to grow them back.

The edges are often the most vulnerable and need more TLC than the other parts of hair on your scalp.  Let's quickly go through some common causes of the dreaded thinning of our edges.

Food Intake

Now you know this was coming! We have to be mindful of what we are getting at the grocery store.  To start, check out the 5 Hair Friendly Foods Blog to get you started.  A good place to be to help strengthen our edges is the produce section with lots of dark green leafy foods.  Think of eating the rainbow.  Greens (kale, spinach), Orange (carrots), Yellow (Squash), Purple (eggplant) etc.  These are the foods that will give life back to our edges.  Also, taking supplements such as Donna's Recipe Biotin Gummies are great addition to support promotion of edge growth.


Hair Styles that Pull the Edges

Anytime your edges are pulled, it is causing tension and making our edges susceptible to breakage.  For a little while, Donna's cousin can take a slicked down hairstyle but for many weeks and months is a big no no from our baby hairs.  They said they just don't like being pulled like that.  Try low manipulation styles where the baby hairs can be slicked down but not PULLED especially long periods of time...longer than a night out.


Medical Conditions

Anemia, postpartum shedding, low Vitamin D levels, alopecia to name a common few are all conditions that can take a toll on edges and other parts of hair on the scalp.  It is important to consult with a healthcare professional to help with solutions for the hair loss in edges.


Unhealthy Products

It is important to look at the ingredients of products that are going to go on your precious scalp and hair.  Products such as synthetic fragrances and alcohols are not good for the edges.



This is a big cause of hair loss and usually the edges are the first to go when we experience stress.  This past year has caused so many of us stress we could definitely do without.


Now, lets get to the SOLUTION part.  What can we do to grow these edges back.  Our edges help us to create the beautiful styles that we love.


Switch up your Styles

Sometimes we like a style, particularly a protective style and opt for the same style because it works.  It's best to switch it up so the hair isn't being manipulated in the exact same spot.  Switch up your styles and give it a rest if needed.


Out with the Cotton, In with the Satin

Cotton pillowcases are my favorite but a good satin pillowcase will ensure the edges aren't getting caught in the material or rubbing against the cotton fibers.  A satin pillowcase allows the hair to glide along without disruption.  Same goes for cotton towels, opt for a microfiber towel on wash day.


Massage those Edges

It's a great idea to give your hair daily TLC with a 5-10 min massage.  Even if its 2-3 mins. it will stimulate the follicles to "wake up" and flourish... aka grow out our scalp.  Our Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil or  the Nut Free Version Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil will do great combined with massage to stimulate the follicles.  


Talk to a Dermatologist

A good dermatologist will determine what condition you have and can guide you on a journey to recovery of your edges and other hair loss.  It is best to seek out a dermatologist that has experience with your hair type as well.  It's best to ask for referrals from people who have had success with a good dermatologist.  You can also search on social media in your area to get a more intimate experience with a qualified doctor.  


Be Mindful

It's a saying, "Think what you're thinking about." When anxiety and stress starts to attack, begin to be mindful of that and redirect to a place of peace.  Think about 3 things that will make you smile instantly.  It could be giving birth to your child, reminiscing of your first kiss, laughing with your mother.  Think on these things...yes!! Very good!  Also, getting out with nature is another way to relieve or avoid stress.  Sun is a happy drug.  Get out in the sun and soak up that Vitamin D.  These are things that can cause a side effect of growing these edges back!


These are just a few ways to encourage growth back to our edges.  We're on this healthy hair journey and so it's vital for us to be well and our hair will follow suit.  Join or continue with us on this healthy hair journey with Donna's Recipe.  Love you!! Have yourself the most amazing day and even if you can't don't you dare go messing up nobody else's!


  • Jacqui

    Peace!,Tabb,I’m a ol# girl, But I’m going to try your hair strengthening product for my edges & thinning hair, hopefully it will work,Peace!

  • Bernice

    How often should i use the donnas hair oil on scalp?

  • Jamie Turner-Eden

    You are so correct and I just love the inspiration… and yes we fall back but I pray I can get back on track ❤️❤️❤️

  • Angie E

    Great article!!

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