Deep Conditioning...Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Deep Conditioning...Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Whether you’ve been rocking your natural hair forever or you're new to taking on your natural and healthy hair journey, investing in deep conditioning can do wonders for your hair!

What is Deep Conditioning and the Benefits?

Think of it as the ultimate moisture boost with lots of essential nutrients penetrating your hair making them softer & healthier!

Making it a habit to deep condition your hair once a week or once every two weeks, will over time help reduce frizz, roughness, and dryness, and therefore, restore your hair’s health. 

Do You Need It?

It cannot be stressed enough how important this step is for people with textured hair, especially for people with heat & chemically damaged hair. Deep conditioning is also very beneficial if you swim often or spend a lot of time outside, exposing your hair to harsh weather conditions.

The best way to see if your hair needs a deep conditioning is to pay attention to it. If it is drier than normal, gets tangled and breaks easily, then of course. If it already feels moisturized, then skip it this week. Don’t get carried away and over-condition. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

How Often To Deep Condition 

How often you should deep condition will ultimately depend on your hair’s health and hair pattern. The curlier and more coarse your hair is, the more frequently you may want a deep condition. You’ll also want to deep condition more often if your hair is more damaged or fried. Another key to remember, if you’re in a transition phase, you’ll want to deep condition more often to help reach your healthy hair goals sooner. 

In regards to how often, in the beginning, try starting with once a week. Then pay attention to your hair and adjust from there, whether it may be once a week or twice a month. If your hair seems like it’s drying out, and you’re noticing more frizz or less definition before the week is up, add another deep conditioning in the middle of the week.

In case that you find your hair feeling heavy, this may be a sign of too much moisture. Instead of hydrating your curls, your deep conditioning routine may be weighing them down. If this is happening, cut back on your deep conditioning to twice a month.

How To Deep Condition

Start with freshly washed hair

  • After cleansing your hair, apply the deep conditioner to soaking wet hair from root to tip. To make sure all of your hair thoroughly obtains the deep conditioner, split your hair into sections. Unlike regular conditioner, you’re going to rinse the deep conditioner out completely. You can apply your conditioner during your shower or immediately after, depending on how much time you’re planning on leaving it in for.
  • Letting the deep conditioner sit on your hair for an extended period of time is where the deep hydration is going to come from. Typically, you leave in the deep conditioner anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour. However, it’s best to follow the package or recipe time guidelines for best results.
  • Simply wash your hair at the beginning of your shower, then apply the deep conditioner either after your regular conditioner or in place of. Then leave in the deep conditioner for the remainder of your shower and rinse out.
Cover with a Shower Cap and/or Apply Heat
  • Heat will help open your hair cuticle to allow the conditioner to soak in more easily. If you’re applying your conditioner in the shower, use warm (not hot) water before you apply. 
  • The lingering heat and steam of the shower will really help while the conditioner works through your hair.
  • If you decide to leave your deep conditioner in for a longer post-shower, consider wrapping your head with a plastic bag, plastic wrap, or a shower cap. This will help trap your natural body heat. Also try using a blow dryer or hooded dryer on medium heat to warm your covered head.
Make Sure to Follow Package Instructions
  • Some products have higher protein ingredients, or are made for intense hydration specifically for a shorter time period. Because of this, it’s very important to follow the designed instructions.
  • In some cases it is not recommended to leave a deep conditioner for natural hair on for hours or overnight. This can actually be too intense for your hair which can lead to weakening your hair as a result of over-conditioning. 


Please note that if your hair feels too soft & the curls are losing shape, you might need a protein treatment instead of moisture. Check out our Protein Moisture Balance Blog HERE! 


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