Create it. Visualize It. Achieve it.

Create it. Visualize It. Achieve it.

Vision boards are essential tools for anyone truly serious about bringing their dreams into reality. It’s a poster board or cork board that’s composed of all the ideas you want to achieve. With the power of visualization, you continue to remind yourself on a daily basis to stay focused on your end goals.

However small, big, and (maybe to others) unrealistic your hair goals are, a vision board is the perfect place to visualize them. As you continue to work on maintaining and growing healthy hair; a healthy hair vision board is the perfect home addition for you.

If you’ve never done a vision board or are unaware of how to make a board specifically for your hair goals, here are four must-include ideas:


Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are positive and specific statements that help drown out negative thoughts entering your mind. Having positive affirmations that you constantly tell yourself is key to accomplishing any goal. When you begin to build your hair vision board, having affirmations throughout will help remind you to always stay positive about your healthy hair journey.


If you are a visual learner that is trying to grow out your edges or want a specific hairstyle, pictures are what you need. If you see a celebrity, YouTuber, or someone you personally know with a similar hair texture who has achieved something you want to emulate, add their picture to your vision board.

Name Drop

Have a favorite hair and beauty vlogger or social media influencer? Let their name shine on your vision board. Similar to an affirmation, putting the name of your internet icon can help you through your journey of achieving your goal. This way they can be your virtual accountability partner.


When something tends to lack imagination, it’s less likely to be utilized. That includes your vision board. You don’t have to stick to the vision board guidelines and rules. Make it colorful, unconventional, and most of all original. Just make it, YOU! 

Make sure you put in real time and effort because this board is a vital must-have on your healthy hair journey.


  • Rona

    Been seeing the reviews and results of your products just placed my order looking forward to my healthy hair journey and growing my hair naturally. No more chemicals!

  • Regina

    Confirmation for me in creating a vision board. I recently participated in a webinar on creating a vision board …. Definitely have to manifest this board.

  • Roselind Thomas

    Wouldn’t you know…your card that you sent with the oil…is already on my vision board.

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