FAQ (Products)


Does Donna's Recipe work for all hair types and genders?

Donna's Recipe does not discriminate :)  It works on ALL hair types and both men and women.

How long does the supply last?

The vitamins are 60 vitamin gummies (serving size of 2) with 30 day supply.  The Strength Oil should last approximately 30 days with consistent use.  You only need to apply oil to scalp so a little goes a long way. 

What if I have allergies or sensitivity to any of the ingredients?

Please read all ingredients before purchasing to see if any ingredients are on your list for having sensitivity or allergies.   Always do a patch test for 24-48 hours prior to use to check for irritation, redness or any adverse reaction.   If you do receive and have any sensitivity or adverse reaction.  Stop use immediately.  Do not continue to use.  

How many ounces is the Strength Hair Oil?

The oil is 50 ml which is 1.7oz. Oil should be applied directly to the scalp.  A little goes a long way and should last approximately 30 days.  All you need is a small amount to be able to massage throughout the scalp.

Will the Biotin work for me if I'm taking other medications?

Make sure you check with your doctor or healthcare physician before taking any additional supplement if you are taking other medications or have questions.

Will Biotin make me breakout?

With Biotin, you have to make sure you are drinking a lot of water.  It is recommended to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces (example: you weigh 150, you should drink 75 oz. of water in a day).  Discontinue or do not use of any supplement that you are allergic or have a reaction to.

Do you ship outside of US?

We ship worldwide.  However, some places are restricting shipments due to COVID.  Check your location about shipments from other countries.

How can I share pictures my hair progress?

Sure! You can DM Donna on instagram @DonnasRecipe or email Donna at Donna@DonnasRecipe.com

Can I sign up for a subscription to stay consistent?

Yes, we have a subscription program and you can log in to your account to pause or cancel subscription at anytime. Make sure you create an account so you can manage your subscription.  Any questions regarding your subscription, you can email us at care@donnasrecipe.com

I want to give this as a gift.  Can I send a message?  

Yes you can add a note to send with your order to the person you are gifting.


How long will it take to receive order?

Standard shipping is expected 7-8 business days (weekends are not counted in the 7-8 business days). Expedited is expected between 1-3 business days. Expedited is not a guarantee delivery due to carrier delays from labor shortage. Our top priority is to ensure you receive your order as soon as possible.  Please allow for a few days delay for supply chain issues or due to short staff with mail carrier, etc.


How will order be shipped?

We work with all carriers and select best carrier for delivery to your area.  Orders outside of US may be from DHL, UPS OR FEDEX (depending on which carrier is best for your area) 


Can I cancel my order once it is placed?

All orders will be processed immediately after placing order.  You have 20 mins to go into your account to cancel an order if needed.  The reason the window to cancel an order is so short is because we use automation and your shipping information will been sent to the fulfillment department and filled automatically.  We are not able to cancel or modify order after 20 mins from placing the order.