Welcome to Donna's Rewards

Welcome to Donna's Rewards

We want to thank you so much for supporting Donna's Recipe! Today we're introducing Donna's Rewards. Now you can earn points when you make purchases at donnarecipe.com and get rewarded for being an awesome customer.

You can also take advantage of our new referral program. Refer friends to try Donna's Recipe with your link. They get $5 off and so do you!

To sign up for Donna's Rewards, click on the 'Rewards' badge on the bottom left corner and create an account. 

Once you create an account you can start earning rewards by completing different tasks. Earn 5 points for every $1 you spend on DonnasRecipe.com! You can redeem points for things like coupons, free sweatshirts etc. 



Now go on about your business and have a good day. But if you can't, don't go messing up anybody else's. 





  • Annie E Wright

    Yes this is my 3rd order i have placed with Donna’s Recipe and I should have quite a few points, but I don’t see them or how many I have?

  • Tyra

    How am I able to see how many points I have and how am I able to keep track of my points?

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