This is your week...claim it!

This is your week...claim it!

Happy happy Monday!  Join in on a fun challenge this week!  We always say who we want to be, right! But sometimes forget about the consistent steps to be the person we say we want to be.  So, this week let's have a fun action challenge.

There is power in saying things out loud and writing things down.  In all caps, write down who you want to be (i.e. I AM A NEAT PERSON).  Then write down one thing you will commit to doing everyday this week to be that person (i.e. I will make my bed everyday), put it someplace where you will see it (i.e. bathroom mirror) and say it out loud everyday (I am a neat person. I will make my bed every morning).


It's that simple.  Well, of course you will do the action step you committed to doing, right?! Yes, very good!!  If you're joining us in this challenge, share in the comments, who you want to be and the one thing you are committing to this week.  Or if you don't want to share, just say "I'm in!" 


Yay!! This is great!! Now you know Donna is excited too!  Whatever you choose as your one commitment this week, it will help with your overall well being and you know Donna says that helps all her cousins with the health of our hair..yes! 


Have the most amazing day, but even if you can't don't you dare go messing up nobody else's! Love you!


We'll be checking in!



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  • Tangela Turner

    I’m in!

  • Victoria Morris

    I AM A FREE SPIRIT!!! I will enjoy life with God’s blessings

  • LaKendra Phillips


  • LaKendra Phillips

    I’M IN

  • lisa d Shaw

    I’m in!

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