The 6 Emotional Stages Every Transitioner Goes Through

The 6 Emotional Stages Every Transitioner Goes Through

Transitioning back to your natural hair can be an emotional journey. Transitioning can be overwhelming, but you can AND WILL get through the process. Here are some of the emotional stages you may face when transitioning back to your natural state.

1. Fear

Going natural can be a very scary and nerve wrecking idea. You may be afraid to see your natural texture, because you may not remember what your curl pattern looks like. Fear of the unknown may try to hold you back, but don’t let it. You may also be afraid of what other people  will think of your natural hair. You have built up the courage and confidence to go natural and now you’re feeling hesitant. Don’t worry, just take it day by day a day and go with the flow. It’s perfectly normal to be scared and unsure, just don’t let fear hold you back.

2. Frustration

Since you’re dealing with different textures, hair patterns, or just going through an awkward period, you may experience frustration. Your hair isn’t adapting to certain styles, and the products that you are trying aren’t working how you want them to. Styling your hair can be a very frustrating process during your transition, but stay consistent and keep trying different techniques. Your hair has to take the time to learn and train itself new techniques. Before you know it you will be able to perfect a twist-out with your eyes closed.

3. Experimenting

Going natural is an on-going adventure. Try different products and techniques to see what works best for you. It’s ideal to try various products, so that you know what works for your hair and what doesn’t. But don’t go overboard. Experiment with new products every other month so you don’t confuse your hair left and right. My tip is if something works, stick with it before trying out something new. Trial and error is super important during your transition.

4. Confusion

Constantly researching different blogs, hair products, and videos can be overwhelming. Blogs are so helpful and offer a huge amount of amazing advice, but too much information may confuse and overwhelm you. Take your time and do your research. Try finding a hair influencer that has similar hair textures and patterns as yours, and see what techniques and products worked for them. 

5. Confidence

When going back to your natural state, confidence is your best friend. No matter what anyone may say about your hair, wear it with confidence. Some people may say My mom used to always tell me that I needed to perm my hair, because it was “unruly.” Just ignore the people that will feed you negative thoughts or push you to go back to styles that damaged your hair. Proudly say with confidence, “This is the way my hair grows out of my scalp and it's beautiful!”

6. Acceptance

You may have gone into this thinking that your hair would look just like a certain YouTuber or Influencer that you follow, and may be disappointed that your hair doesn’t turn out like theirs. You should know that everyone’s hair is different and has different textures, but everyone has a crown, and all crowns are unique and beautiful. If you begin your journey with this in mind, it will help make your transition to natural a lot smoother. Therefore it will hopefully help you reach the stage of acceptance. You may have two totally different curl patterns in your hair, so accept and embrace your hair and keep going.

What were your emotional experiences transitioning to natural?


  • Sandra James

    Girl!! U Truly Love your Spirit!! I admire your for being who you are , I am struggling with myself , I pray , and meditate and that’s the only thing keeping me going beside reading about you and hearing your inspiration. Still searching for me.. I am 60 years old !! College Graduate , with 3 degrees , 2 Masters and still can’t find me.
    Please help! Tell me something!! Please

  • Ms. Linda

    I transitioned back to my natural hair in 2010. I just made up my mind that I didn’t want chemicals on my hair anymore. My favorite hairstyle was a buzz cut (big smile). I wore it that way for several years until I decided to begin my loc journey. That was in February 2014. Best decision I ever made! Even though it was scary at the beginning, with negative comments from some family members and more than a few Black women, I still continued forward. No statement or philosophical message. My Loc Journey is mine. And I travel it with pride. Everyday.

  • Suzanne

    I love it… I did a big chop when the pandemic started and hair grew back a lot and this year about May my hair started to fall out… I was so frustrated, I used everything that I thought was going to have my hair feeling alive but nothing worked until I found out Donna’s recipe… only been using it for 3 weeks now and I feel my hair coming back to life..The journey for me will continue with her hair products… I am addicted to Donna’s Recipe..

  • Sonya Prince

    My transition from a perm to natural was frustrating. My scalp scalp itched me so bad. I had repermed and went natural about 5 or 6 times within 2-3years before I finally stuck with it. It took another 1to2 years to find the right products for my 4C hair. My hair growth was extremely slow and my hair was shedding badly. everytime I combed or picked my hair out I would end up with large mound of hair in my hands; my hair was thinning horribly. Every since I started using Donna’s Recipe 4 months ago my hair is growing and thickening.

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