Moving through Stress & Anxiety

Moving through Stress & Anxiety

I know you're thinking, "what does Donna have to say about stress and anxiety??" Well, she has a lot to say because it affects her and all her cousins.  We need to be well on the inside out.  Stress and anxiety can cause severe hair loss and thinning. 


We can work through this together.  Here are some helpful things we can do to push back on anxiety and when we feel heavy and stressed.


Play your favorite MUSIC & play it LOUD!

Put that music on and grab your "mic" and dance your heart out.  It doesn't matter if you can sing because the music is loud and you are one with the music anyhow.  Familiar music calms you and releases endorphins in the body.  

Endorphins are chemicals that are produced naturally by the nervous system to help with pain or stress.  It's also known as a "happy chemical" because it gives you a boost of energy.


Get to cleaning...yes clean!

I know you're thinking, "I'm already stressed and am I going to clean anything??"  Well, you are going to start small.  Organize your medicine cabinet or your hair drawer.  Just do something because when you're done, you will feel proud of yourself and happy that you accomplished something.  Do you know this releases endorphins as well.  Yes!!  It signals to the brain that you accomplished something and the chemical releases in your body.  So, let's think about what we're going to clean today.  


Make some food

You know this is a favorite!  It can be a simple dish like sauteed greens in a pan.  Something about making your own food relaxes you and relieves stress and anxiety.  While you are making the food, it forces you to slow down and focus on each step in the process.  Ok, so what are we cooking? 


Get some fresh air

It's something about outside that brings you back centered.  It's you, the air and God.  If you can, get to a beach or soil where you can walk barefoot.  

Walking barefoot is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that “ground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth.

Try it and see how it makes you feel.  I already know it will do you good.  Even just imagining walking on God's Earth can make you feel good.


Cuddle and a Loving Touch

Go cuddle with a family member whether it is a spouse, child, friend or our furry animals like your dog or cat.  There's power in touch.  Touch gives you a calming reality.  You are in that moment and it's hard to think of other stressors with the human touch.  Ok, so we know we're going to go love on someone after reading this.  And if you don't have anyone around.  Give yourself a big hug and massage your scalp, arms.  Love on yourself.


Change clothes

Remember that Pharrell song, "change clothes!!" Sorry, stay focused.  But go in your closet and put on something that reflects how you want to FEEL.  Your mind will have to just catch up to how you look.  Put on that bright flowing dress.  Even if you stay in your house, you will feel better.


I have more tips that I'll share next week.  Let's start with some of these.  Stress and anxiety affects all parts of our body.  Let's get moving and work through this with some of these tips.  Comment below and let me know if this has been helpful to you.  Love you!!









  • Keisha

    These are GREAT tips. Just starting my graduate school program, I find myself often feeling stress or anxious about the program, my family back home, or just everyday life events. I will definitely apply some, if not all of these methods in my everyday activities to help with the stress/anxiety. Thank you Donna!

  • Crystal Taylor Thomas

    Thank you for these wonderful tips!!! I am definitely going to put them into action. You are always so inspiring!!! You are helping so many of us, more than you know.

  • Deborah

    Yes, when I’m feeling down I play my favorite gospels very, very loud to drown out the stress and bring in the spiritual positivity of Jesus! Walking on the grass is a great idea! I’m going to try that since I need to water the grass! lol The smell of the fresh air always make a person feel better. No more claustrophobia being closed shut in the house. 😉🤗🙏 Praying definitely does wonders for me as well.


    Thank you! This is confirmation and wisdom I was looking for to reduce stress. I appreciate it.

  • Clementine

    Tab, you are a gift from God. Thank you so much for being a blessing to so many people. Your messages and videos are so timely. My prayer is that God will continue to bless you and your family.

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