Layering vs. Cocktailing

Layering vs. Cocktailing

For those who have natural hair, more than likely you’ve experimented with layering or ‘cocktailing’ different products to find the right combination that works best for your hair. Layering and cocktailing are very common techniques for the natural hair community, but they are also a little tricky. If you’re unsure of which technique to use, or not aware of what these terms mean, I’m here to break them down so you can understand which way is best for your specific hair needs. 


Layering is the process of applying one product at a time to achieve your desired style. A benefit to layering is that you’re able to control the amount of each product you apply by building it onto the strands. Using a styling cream on wet hair then layering with a gel helps promote definition and less frizz.. This technique also works great on most thick and dry hair types. A cream will help with hydration and frizz, and a gel will help with bounce and definition!


Cocktailing is slightly different from layering. Instead of applying each product one at a time, you’ll mix two or more products together all at once in your hand before applying to your hair. With this technique, you can switch up your mixture depending on your daily specific needs for your hair curls. During the spring and summer months, you may want to add a bit more gel to help with frizz and definition. While during the colder months, when your hair is a bit drier, you can add more moisture into your cocktail with a leave-in conditioner or styling cream.


Not sure which technique is best for you? Experiment with both using your go-to products to figure out what works best for your hair. No matter which one you use to style your hair, never forget to ‘break your cast’. Casts are extremely helpful for locking in moisture and keeping frizz away. To make sure your curls are soft and bouncy, use your hands to crunch out the cast. Another great tip is to add a few drops of the Donna’s Hair Strength Oil onto your palms, then glide your hands through your hair. 

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  • Nina

    Really great information. Thank you for sharing. I absolutely love Donna’s Recipe. It has really been game-changing and has helped me grow my hair so much. Thank you all again so much.

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