It's time for a BIG CHOP!

It's time for a BIG CHOP!

A big chop is about new beginnings.  While I know the BIG CHOP often refers to our hair.. we may need to give a big chop to other things as well. 

Do you need to do a big chop of a toxic relationship in your life? Do you need to do a big chop of comparing yourself to others on Instagram?  It's a lot of things that takes our energy that we need to give a BIG CHOP!

You may say to yourself...just like we do with our hair.. "I want to do a BIG CHOP but how??" Let's talk about it. How do we do a BIG CHOP with things in our lives that no longer serve us.  

Here are quick 3 tips and you can get to chopping.



If we have decided that a toxic relationship no longer serves us, we must replace it with something else to fill that void.  Here's an example. You have an unhealthy relationship with your boyfriend and you know you need to do a BIG CHOP with him. But you know you're going to miss the time you spend with him.  It's a good idea to make sure you discover healthy people or outlets that can occupy that time.  Consider getting a friend that can be your daily walking buddy or take up a new hobby.   Fill that VOID.


2.) Prepare for the NEW CHANGE

When you do the BIG CHOP on your hair, it excites you when you think of cute hair styles or accessories you can rock with your new look.  It serves you to prepare for the good things to come in the transition to the BIG CHOP in your life.  Start looking up what earrings would look nice etc. Same with other things that you will transition from, look at what is to come and prepare for the good things to come with it.


3. Let the DEAD bury the DEAD

Once you've decided to do a BIG CHOP whether it is with our hair or something else like holding a grudge towards someone else.. LET IT GO!! Don't go back because you have CHOPPED IT OFF.  No going back.  This reminds me of a scripture in the Bible.  A man wanted to follow Jesus and the man asked Jesus if he could bury his father.  Jesus replied, "Let the dead bury the dead." Whew!  That's deep.  I take that as it is time to move forward.  So once you have decided to do a BIG CHOP, keep your eyes straight. No need to look back.


I hope this has helped you whether you are planning for a BIG CHOP with your hair or something else that no longer serves you.

In the comments, share what you need to do a BIG CHOP with in your life.  Also, Donna told me to tell you to make sure you keep your Donna's Recipe on hand as we are on this hair journey together.  

Love you!!





  • Montrice Gray

    I am doing the “BIG CHOP” on toxic friendships, toxic career paths, toxic family members, and any other relationships or energies that no longer serve me purpose. During this pandemic since 3/13/20 so many things have happened in my life and I need to continue to not sit at tables or places that no longer serve me purpose. I am learning that sometimes letting go relieves you of the negative in your life that God has been trying to remove all along but I was too blind to see the affect that it was having on my life all these years. Just because you love your family, relationships, friendships we have to understand that there is a season for everything, a time to plant & a time to die, & a time to let go, all seasons are never the same. And, where I am going its not the destination for everyone. You can love folk from a distance but you have to stay on the path that God has created, my path isn’t for everyone and I have learned to be okay with that. Thank you for this reminder Tab, that I am making the right decision in my “Big Chop” love and light my sista.

  • Tilina

    I am doing a BIG CHOP to toxic friendships. Every time something positive happens to me, they have something negative or rude to say. It’s starting to affect my health and that’s where I draw the line. I wake up grateful and happy every day….not going to allow any human to still my joy!

  • Dawn

    This was right on time! I’ve been trying to hang on to something that has not been good for me. I just read a quote that went something like this: “I’m learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me.” It’s past time for me to make a “chop” and walk free of toxicity—holding no bitterness or anger. Time to travel more lightly :-)

  • Anne

    I’m doing a big chop with wasting precious time, eating unhealthy and no motivation and just being goal orientated minded !

  • Marjorie V Brodnax

    Oh Tab and Donna, I’m so glad I received this because I need to do A Big Chop and I’m going to and will continue to look forward! I have recently found out I have Alopecia and yes my hair is coming out but I have Donna’s Recipe that I rub on the bald spots nightly!!! Tab you and Donna look FANTASTIC!!

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