How To Freshen Your Fall Hair Routine

How To Freshen Your Fall Hair Routine

Fall is HERE cousins! 

We are all ready for our chunky knit sweaters, fedora hats, leather boots, and pumpkin-spiced everything! With fall comes cooler drier weather which can have an effect on our precious curls. Cooler weather can lead to closing up the cuticle layer of our hair, preventing moisture. So to combat this, consider changing your hair care regimen for the fall. In this post, we will provide the best tips and tricks for the best fall-healthy hair care routine. 

In order for us to combat the dry weather, we may need to alter our regimen to combat the fall weather. Make sure that you are keeping your hair deep conditioned. An excellent moisturizing mask should be added to your hair routine. We suggest twice a month for a good deep condition session. 

It's also a good idea to add some magic to your shampoo. Think of adding our Strength Hair Oil to your favorite shampoo to quench your hair on a consistent basis.

Pro Tip: Use our Strength Oil for a Hot Oil treatment and a scalp massage. The oil will help smooth your damaged hair cuticles and also help to condition your scalp, keeping itchiness and flakes at bay!

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