Holiday Gifts for Curly Hair

Holiday Gifts for Curly Hair

The holidays are fast approaching. It’s time to start thinking of how you’d like to show your curly-haired family and friends all the love and appreciation they deserve. Let’s be honest: Do they really need another candle or pair of leggings? Probably not. So, if you're looking for the ultimate gift for your curly-haired loved one, here are some curly hair must haves for this holiday season! Enjoy! 


  • Silk Scrunchies 

Not all ponytail holders are created equal. As those with textured hair know, standard hair elastics pull on the strands and cause breakage. Those rubber bands just won’t do. 

Thank you 1980s, as hair scrunchies have made a comeback! What’s amazing is that silk scrunchies don’t pull on curly hair because they’re soft and adaptable. Scrunchies are wonderful for the holidays because they’re easy to pop inside a stocking. You can even get playful with the colours for that extra taste of holiday cheer. 

  • Satin Lined Beanies and Baseball Caps

Super ideal as a holiday gift for friends and family! The temperature is falling, they need to bundle up, keep warm, and still look fly’. Typical hat materials like cotton are known for absorbing water, which includes the moisture in your hair. This is problematic for curly, kinky, coily, and high-porosity hair, which can lose moisture easily, leading to frizz. Hook up your loved ones with a satin lined beanie because this fabric won’t tug on or damage their hair. 

  • Silk or Satin Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases don’t just look luxurious in a bedroom, they’re also incredible when it comes to keeping curls smooth. Upgrade your loved one’s pillowcases to silk or satin and you’ll never hear them complain about frizzy bedhead again. Made from natural fiber, this pillowcase reduces frizz, locks in moisture, and preserves the shape of curls. And bonus, silk pillowcases are thought to keep skin glowing and promote deeper sleep.

  • Scalp Massager

Scalp care is a big part of a healthy hair journey. A healthy scalp is one way to help ensure a strong and healthy hair growth. A scalp massage, especially when done with beneficial hair oils, like Donna’s Hair Strength Oil improves blood circulation on the scalp. Give a scalp massager to a curly bestie so she can enjoy its relaxing AND stimulating benefits.

  • Edge Brush

Give your loved one’s baby hairs the TLC they deserve with an edge brush. They have soft boar bristles for styling the hairline of all types of hair. It’s definitely not an expensive gift but it’s one of those thoughtful holiday gifts for best friends and family members who love laying and slaying their edges.

  • Microfiber Towel

Wash day won’t do much unless curls are dried with the TLC they deserve. That means no harsh rubbing with rough cotton towels. Curls need gentle materials, like microfiber, to thrive. A durable microfiber towel is gentler on fragile curls than traditional terry cloth. This magical material absorbs up to seven times its weight in moisture. A microfiber towel is an amazing gift for your loved ones so they can reduce their frizz and protect the shape and vibrancy of their precious curls.

  • A Wide-Tooth Comb or Detangling Brush

Are your close ones seeking to add volume to their lack-luster curls? A wide tooth comb creates fuller, thicker hair without frizz that traditional hair brushes create. 

While a detangling brush is a necessity for styling wet curly hair, a wide-tooth comb is essential for creating definition, volume and curl separation when hair is dry. A wide tooth comb is suitable for dry or wet hair, which minimizes hair breakage and maximizes curls. 

See any items you have your eyes on for you or your loved ones? Which one? Tell us!


  • Patricia

    Looking for Bundle Packages. Do you have any? If not, I really would like to order one of everything in a bundle package – Just makes ordering faster!

    Much Love – I have both books and have tried some of the recipes- Very Good❤️

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    Hi Barbara,
    They are not currently for sale. We may offer them again in the future. Thank you.

    DR Family


    Great gift ideas! Thank you!

  • Barbara

    During the IG live a few weeks ago, I saw ladies wearing the pink hoodies. How can I buy one of them? I don’t see them on the website for shopping donnasrecipe products. Thanks and Happy Holidays

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