Air Drying vs. Diffusing

Air Drying vs. Diffusing

Hey cousins! We’re back with Keeping Up Kurls With Kiana!

Even if you are using the exact same styling products, you could  get completely different results based on how you choose to dry your hair. Drying is all about PATIENCE! 

First things first. Let’s talk about the products that you’re using. If you’re a no product, water only and splash of coconut oil type of girl, this unfortunately can cause tons of frizz and your curls will only last a day or two.

If you want your curls to last longer, have a strong hold and be frizz free, you’ll need to incorporate a styling product, or two, or three (leave in conditioner, cream, or gel...the combinations are endless!). Great tip* You can add 2-3 drops of Donna’s Recipe Strength Hair Oil to your leave in conditioner to add provide moisture & seal in the moisture.  Such ingredients in Donna's Recipe such as avocado, castor and olive oils offers great moisture.  Just a couple drops will be good.  

Did you know there’s a thing as diffusing too early? Diffusing too early is like touching your nail polish when it’s still wet. If you diffuse immediately after applying your styling products, this can actually cause frizz throughout your hair.

Instead, before you start to diffuse your hair, let your hair AIR DRY until it has that slight caste on it. Let your hair air dry for about 15-30 minutes until you start to feel a hold or crunchy-ness to your curls. This is your curls way of telling you it’s time to start diffusing so they can be frizz free! 

Here are the Pros and Cons for Diffusing:


  • Diffusing dries your hair so much faster compared to air drying. You’re looking at 30 minutes versus 3 hours!
  • Diffusing will automatically break away the caste in your hair, leaving it extremely soft.
  • With diffusing, you’ll get a lot more volume, drama and pizazz!


  • The downside to diffusing is that you will get more shrinkage to your curls, because when placing your curls in your diffuser and diffusing upwards, you’re subconsciously telling your curls to spring and curl upwards.


  • With gaining more definition, it all depends on your curl pattern. If you have wavy hair or bigger looser curls (2a-3b), and your hair looks straight when it’s wet, using a diffuser will make your curls or waves look more prominent, because diffusing your curls will train them to curl upwards.

Here are the Pros and Cons for Air Drying:


  • If elongation is your goal, then air drying is the way to go!
  • Definition is more guaranteed
  • Less frizz!


  • When air drying, it will naturally leave in the caste, so you’ll have to crunch out the caste with your hands.
  • Can take HOURS to dry! Maybe even a day or two.

If you choose to diffuse your curls, make sure you know how to properly use the diffuser. Even though we want our curls to dry as fast as possible, setting your diffuser to the hottest level at full blast will detrimentally dry out your curls and lose all of its moisture. So make sure to pace between the lowest and middle setting, and between the cool and warm setting.

Now let me know what method you use to dry your curls! Are you Team Air Dry or Team Diffuse?!


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  • ShaNequa Green

    Hey Donna and Tab! It’s cousins Sheenah and ShaNequa. We just wanted to drop a line or two to tell y’all how much we are still enjoying the hair products. Now we had to stop using the strengthening oil because bumps were forming in the crown of Sheenah and needless to say, she became very concerned. After having to persuade her, she has finally agreed to give the new nut-free oil a chance. Hopefully, with a little faith and prayer, this will work out better. Also, we wanted to say how much we are enjoying the new blog Keeping Up Kurls with Kiana. She is helping me with how to take care of Sheenah and love on her a little more. I just have one question. Is there any way Donna or Kiana can share some tips on how to style hair. ShaNequa is not good at that sort of thing. God did not gift her in that area, chil’ 🙄😂 Please let us know cause we are always open to pointers. Gotta go. Love always ShaNequa and Sheenah 💋💕✌️

  • Donna’s Recipe

    So happy you are on this healthy hair journey Sylvia!! You’re going to live your new Donna’s Recipe!!

  • Sylvia West

    Just made my 1st purchase last week. I haven’t received my order yet. Looking forward to trying this on my thinning edges.

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