5 Heat Hair Crimes

5 Heat Hair Crimes

Donna said put those flat irons down but we know some of her cousins still may enjoy using them.  So, here's some heat hair crimes to avoid when using heating tools. Let's get right into it!


1.) Setting heating tools on the hottest setting

This is a big NO as it will cause severe damage to your hair and most hair strands simply can't handle that high of heat even on one use.  Talk to a stylist that specializes in healthy hair on a setting that is acceptable for your hair type.


2.) Not using a heat protectant

This is necessary on so many levels and so many people skip out on using a heat. protectant before heat styling.  It's important to help protect from moisture loss which works to prevent hair breakage.


3.) Using flat irons on dirty hair

The best time to flat iron hair is on clean hair right after shampoo and conditioning.  Flat ironing on dirty hair from the oil and dirt will "burn" your hair making it more vulnerable to more damage than standard heating. 

4. Passing the flat iron too slow

When you’re sliding the flat iron down your hair it’s imperative to keep it moving. Don't move too slow because you are simply frying your hair out. If you go super slow thinking you are getting it straighter, you are actually overheating your hair and causing major irreversible damage. 


5. Not giving your hair a break

There's no other way to escape this.  You have to give your hair a break.  Allow moisture to absorb in your hair and be restored from being dried out.  You can wear your hair in it's natural state (check back soon with easy natural hair styles) or use a protective style like twists or braids.  Make sure to keep up your healthy hair routine with Donna's Recipe Strength Hair Oil and Donna's Recipe Biotin



Share some other heat crimes that can help your fellow cousin.





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